Priority Area 1

Education Objective: Provide all students with the knowledge, skills and persistence to be college and career ready.

Why is this important to health?
There is much evidence linking educational attainment and high school graduation rates to improved health outcomes. People with more education have lower rates of the most common acute and chronic diseases. High school graduates earn higher salaries, have better self-esteem, more personal life satisfaction, fewer health problems, and less involvement in criminal activity as compared to high school dropouts. In addition, households headed by a high school graduate accumulate ten times more wealth than households headed by a high school dropout. The high school graduation rate for San Bernardino County was 79% in the 2013-14 school year. With regard to higher education, only 19% of county residents had a bachelor’s degree, graduate degree or professional degree, as compared to 32% across the state in 2014. Yet, roughly 60% of jobs nationwide require some type of training or education beyond high school.

Your Great Media Title

Your Great Media Title

How do education goals align with the Countywide Vision

Education is a core element in the Countywide Vision and focuses on reducing the number of high school and college drop outs, integrating educational institutions into economic and job creation efforts, as well as partnering with all sectors of the community to support the success of every child from cradle to career. 

Why is education a priority?

Roughly 60% of jobs require some type of training or education beyond high school. Only 19% of adults age 25 years and older in the county had a bachelor’s degree, a graduate degree or a professional degree as compared to 32% across the state in 2014. In San Bernardino County, educational attainment varies greatly by city as well as by race and ethnicity. Workers with less educational attainment typically earn less and have a higher rate of unemployment.

Strategies to Improvement:

Reading at grade level by third grade is one of the greatest predictors of children’s success in school, their likelihood of going to college, and their future earning potential. In support of the Countywide Vision and the regional goal of supporting every child from cradle to career, the Vision2Read initiative is a year-long campaign designed to: Focus attention on the importance of reading, highlight literacy-related programs and services throughout San Bernardino County, and connect people to available literacy resources and/or volunteer opportunities. Vision2Read invites all of San Bernardino County to join this effort and help “raise the bar” for literacy in our community and advance our efforts to achieve the Countywide Vision.
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“Early Warning! Why Reading by the End of Third Grade Matters,” A KIDS COUNT Special Report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, 2010.